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San Francisco Bay Area Cloud Consultant. 

With over 20 years of hands-on experience, Cloud Guru IT LLC offers strategic cloud consulting to streamline your operations. Specializing in network design, infrastructure hosting, asset management, cybersecurity, and cloud phone services, our stress-free offerings save you time and money. Ideal for small and medium business including CPAs, doctors' offices, after-school programs, wholesale businesses, government and more.  Scale your business goals with Cloud Guru IT LLC.

IT Consulting in Bay Area
Cloud Guru IT
Bay Area IT Consultant



Network Design & Optimization

We design and implement zero-trust network infrastructures tailored to your needs. Optimize performance, establish alerts, and ensure comprehensive logging and monitoring services.


Infrastructure Hosting

Leverage our extensive partner network for email, VPS, colocation, IP, and transport services from reputable U.S. providers. We provide hassle-free migration and management services, ensuring seamless operations from coast to coast.


Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage mobile devices from procurement to disposal with our robust solutions. Benefit from remote monitoring, proactive maintenance, 24/7 support, and optional same-business-day parts replacement warranties.



Enhance your security posture with modern penetration testing and defense-in-depth tactics. Build layered security measures tailored to your business needs and compliance requirements.


Cloud Phone Services

Transition from traditional phone lines to crystal-clear cloud phone services, starting at just $20 per month per phone plus taxes and fees. Compatible with Android and iPhone.


About our Business

With over 20 years of experience in building data centers, leading POC for ISPs, and consulting across more than 40 states, I founded Cloud Guru IT in 2023. The mission is to provide valuable IT operations that lower total cost of ownership and increase ROI.

At Cloud Guru IT, we pride ourselves on being the best choice for customers looking to simplify and organize their business operations. Our personalized technology solutions are designed to save you time, making us the ideal partner for businesses like government, CPAs, doctors' offices, after-school programs, wholesale businesses, or any businesses that need enhanced security, better organization, personalized services, and efficient customer management.

Building a foundation that empowers others to scale their dreams online is our most humbling achievement. Watching our clients successfully grow their ideas encapsulates the core mission of Cloud Guru IT LLC.

Never fond of traditional MSP or CSP models with their costly price tags, we’ve forged diverse partnerships with providers nationwide to offer strategic solutions that fit within your budget and timeline.

Let Cloud Guru IT help you streamline your business operations, enhance your IT infrastructure, and achieve your goals with ease.


Paying too much for VMWare, AWS, GCP, or Azure?

Allow Cloud Guru IT to create an alternative design using Proxmox or OpenStack. We provide migration services for workloads, and ultimately lower rising variable cloud costs to fixed prices you can expect year-round.  Own your own infrastructure, encryption, and put your privacy back in your own hands. 


Why choose us

By SMB for SMB

Our provider network is built on US small business for small business. We watch out for the little guy.

Design Securely

Quantitive & qualitative risk assessments coupled with  security best practices adapted for your compliance needs starting on day one.

Bay Area Local

A local technical resource with over two decades experience  helping businesses run efficient IT operations. 

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