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Warranties: Protecting Your Investment in Security Assets

Updated: Jun 29

Investing in security assets is a necessary step in securing your organization's sensitive data and infrastructure. However, ensuring the longevity and reliability of these assets is just as important. That's where warranties come in.

All servers and networking gear come with a warranty that includes prompt hardware failure response times. Should IT staff need a technician to install the hardware, this option is also available. Each device's service tag is recorded and can be searched online to determine components, gather manuals, documentation, firmware, and diagnostics specific to the device in question.

Diagnostic software can update firmware and run diagnostics over the LAN. This feature is especially valuable for remote branches as diagnostics can be run securely as needed. Experienced IT staff can easily guide someone through connecting cables or plugging in a USB should a user need to be at the site of an issue.

Warranty support is available 24/7 by phone for all devices that are under warranty and that halt production in the network. Workstations come with a warranty for at least 90 days to ensure that they work correctly after transit. Hardware support is usually limited to three to five years depending on the model. Additionally, all switches and firewalls typically have yearly hardware support.

In the event of hardware failure, storage devices have a quicker response time and 24/7 phone support to diagnose critical issues or assist with snapshot replications given the support is on a premium plan. Warranty information corresponds to our asset list, which is updated daily, audited monthly, and has dynamic assets that update as they do. We strive to ensure that all devices needing warranty are covered and that those that do not are noted as such.

As a measure of good practice, generally warranty laptops and desktops for 1 to 3 years depending on the support package. For servers, storage, or networking gear, the warranty period extends to end-of-life. We understand that investing in security assets is a significant investment, and we want to help you protect it as much as possible.

Having a proper warranty in place is essential for the lifecycle of your security assets. It helps to ensure that your devices remain reliable, and in the event of hardware failure, can be fixed promptly, keeping your business operations running smoothly. Contact us to learn more about our warranty and support services, and how we can help you protect your investment in security assets.

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