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  • Item Name: Acceptable User Policy

  • Item Version: v 1.0

  • Author: Cloud Guru IT

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This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) establishes the terms and conditions for the use of Cloud Guru IT's infrastructure, including but not limited to bandwidth, transport, servers, switches, IP addresses, and any other equipment involved in transmitting, receiving, or processing data. All users of Cloud Guru IT offerings are required to read and understand this policy. By using our infrastructure, you agree to comply with this policy.

Illegal Use
Users may not transmit, retransmit, or store materials in violation of any federal, state, or local laws or regulations. Users may not abuse or fraudulently use products or services offered by Cloud Guru IT, nor allow/permit such use by clients or third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, trademark infringement, defamation, indecency, or obscenity.

Prohibited Content
Cloud Guru IT strictly prohibits the possession, production, reception, transport, or distribution of any sexually explicit depiction of children. Any user found to commit this type of abuse will have their service suspended immediately until remedy or face service termination. Repeat offenders will be promptly terminated.

Network Filtering/Blocking
Users in violation of any provision set forth in this policy may have content or traffic blocked or filtered as a remedy for abuse. Notification of such filtering/blocking will likely be sent to the user; however, there is no guarantee that such notification will be sent. Filtering/blocking may be manual or automatic, depending on the nature of the offense.

The sending of bulk mail is ONLY permitted AFTER Confirmed Opt-In has been verified by Cloud Guru IT's Abuse Desk. Initiating a mail campaign without approval from Cloud Guru IT's Abuse Desk will result in service suspension until verification and approval are made. Complaints generated in regards to bulk mail are immediately deemed as proof that the recipient did not request such emails and therefore is considered abuse.

  • Spam. Sending Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) or Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) for any purpose whatsoever.

  • Spamvertising. Having third parties send out UBE/UCE on any user's behalf to advertise URLs or any service on Cloud Guru IT's network.

  • Users must configure any email server so that it will not accept third-party emails for forwarding, such as an open relay.

  • SMTP servers must be configured so that any user must authenticate to send email.

DMCA - 17 USC §512 "DMCA"
Violations of 17 USC §512 "DMCA" will be promptly handled by Cloud Guru IT by means of notification. After receiving notification of DMCA violation(s), Cloud Guru IT will act promptly to notify the infringer of the identified infringement. Should a user of Cloud Guru IT not respond to the notice from our Abuse Desk, the infringed material will be blocked, filtered, or otherwise suspended until the user complies. Notice of infringement should be sent to Cloud Guru IT's designated DMCA agent at
Hacking, cracking, distribution of viruses, fraudulent activities, network sabotage, pyramid schemes, phishing, and/or any conduct deemed illegal or unwanted shall be subject to suspension or termination. Users are responsible for the proper secure configuration of their services and are responsible for any damages caused by their neglect or exposure of vulnerabilities, whether intentional or unintentional.
Release of Liability
The ability to restrict conduct, communication, or content that might violate this AUP prior to introduction to Cloud Guru IT's network is not practical. Cloud Guru IT's failure or overlook of any violation of this AUP does not constitute a waiver of Cloud Guru IT's rights.
Cloud Guru IT users who violate this AUP or any provision herein may incur fees related to clean-up or repair of any damaged devices, block listings, service interruptions, etc. Fees will be commensurate with the severity of the violation.
Support Desk
Please contact us regarding this document at the contact details provided below.
Service Level Agreement
Cloud Guru IT is committed to providing the highest level of service to its clients. As part of this commitment, the specific metrics used to measure performance will be outlined in a separate Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA will define the level of service to be provided by Cloud Guru IT, detail the remedies and compensation available to customers in case of service disruption or downtime, and include an escalation process for addressing service issues.
Contact Details
Cloud Guru IT
Address. 1025 S De Anza Blvd
San Jose, CA 95129
Tel. +1 (669) 322-2763
Hours of Operation:

  • 9 AM to 6 PM

  • Emergency Support: 24/7

Version History (Changelog)
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Version 1.0 - April 8th, 2023​

  • Version 1.0 - April 8th, 2023

  • First release

Acceptable User Policy

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